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Project Solid Ground

Funded by Potter County ARPA - SLFRF Grant

Project Solid Ground will help stabilize families at risk of becoming homeless. Data shows that the cost of preventing homelessness is about 1/3 of what it takes to transition a family already experiencing homelessness. 

We will work with AISD Families in Transition, Amarillo Area Agency on Aging, and case-by-case circumstances to prevent homelessness. Our senior citizens need peace of mind and stability, and the ability to stabilize a family in the neighborhood where their children go to school and have friendship bonds means that there will be no need to change schools or make different friends. This will have a substantial emotional and educational impact on them and the family.

Working with families to restructure their budgets and acquire the tools necessary to change their "whole" circumstances has not only a personal but a community impact. 

While there is always more to be done, there is no doubt that we will make a significant impact. 

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