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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Some straight forward information on what we want to do, how we want to do it, and why. We appreciate any interest that anyone might take in contributing, sponsoring, partnering, or volunteering in this mission to do the next right thing.


We want to provide an alternative for our seniors who may need to downsize their current living circumstances. It is a great way to form a tiny community ( 3/4 homes to a lot) of neighbors that can check on one another and encourage social situations. Independent living without leaving a neighborhood they love.

We have many young adults aging out of the foster system with no where to go but are employed and going to school and ready to take on the world. We would like them to not have to worry about where to lay their heads.

These are just two fine examples of how beneficial tiny home communities can be


We want to build our first 3/4 Tiny Homes on our donated lot at 309 S. Rusk here in Amarillo. We have raised enough money to put the entire process through the City of Amarillo and we are ready to start the dirt work. We are currently accepting donations to begin that.


HUD classifies chronically homeless, veterans, and foster kids aging out as the highest priorities to find solutions for. Currently, in Texas the number of kids aging out is around 1200 per year. Thirty percent (360) of them fall directly to homelessness, and that is 360 too many ! These young adults ( they age 18-24 )may not have had a stellar foster experience, no legitimate parental love, no guidance in social situations or education choices. To boot, they did nothing wrong to end up in a system that is overburdened. These are sometimes generational circumstances and they will continue to add to the numbers of homeless, early parenthood, addiction, prostitution, abuse, rape, trafficking, un diagnosed trauma, criminal behavior, and the mental health challenges that develop. A little support and a lot of community love can change that trajectory, and we want to use our resources, time, and love to start tackling homelessness from the prevention side, and truly save our children.

We are doing this because WE (the community) can make a multi generational impact, immediately !

There are a growing population of sr citizens who own their homes and thru challenging times have a need to downsize before things become unmanagable. Tiny homes can provide security, safety and the assurance of independent living with a built in social network.

Our program designed for seniors will allow them to sell their home and never have to worry about having a place to live again.


We will add a different option to the housing choices that are presently available. A community of 3 or 4 living in an easily maintained space (tiny home) within close proximity to peers, and a wonderful assortment of raised bed gardens to learn how to grow food. This, with connectability to existing services that help direct educational paths, life skills, and other neccessary adult functions, along with our vision of creating a platform for writing, photography, and art skills to be showcased and experienced by the entire community of Amarillo.


  1. End foster age out homelessness

  2. Reduce statistics in all the abovementioned areas of generational occurrences

  3. Successful mentorship in being a productive involved citizen of ones community

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