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Really Saving Our Children

I have lost myself lately, thinking about the massive number of unaccompanied minors coming across our southern borders, specifically in Texas. I cannot imagine how they will be cared for, and those who cannot be connected to family, will flood our already overwhelmed foster system.

Over the last 5 years I have seen several babies born in homelessness be put into the CPS system, never to be returned. They are almost immediately adopted after the due process is finished. The mothers of these babies are very young and have been homeless/ couch surfing for more than a couple of years.

When the State becomes your parent, and you lose all connection with family members, but you are not adopted, you age out and are many times not prepared. These are one of our most vulnerable populations and they add significantly to our social and criminal statistics. I think it is time we really save our children and be proactive in eliminating the outcome of homelessness for them. There are some resources available, but they are not a good fit for some. Having a few choices can contribute to solving the problem. Preventing the homelessness, mentoring in basic living skills, teaching how to form relationships, offering a public outlet for creative minds, providing an opportunity to learn about their community and foster respect for it can be helpful in revitalizing neighborhoods and growing our cities.

We think this is a good place to start in our contribution to really saving our children, and helping them to learn how to save those that come behind them.

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